Venues 2023

We love Cracow and we want you to see it through our eyes. In the afternoons, we will show you the halls full of light and beautiful views of the city. In the evenings, we will invite you to luxury ballrooms, where you can freely put on your pearls and diamonds. During the after-parties, we will show you the bohemian world of Cracow — underground and sensual.

Photo by Magdalena Woźniak / m.frames

We take particular pride in the places where the festival milongas happen. Each year we bring you the most loved venues from previous editions, but also look for new, undiscovered gems. In the past we have hosted milongas at:

Wieliczka Salt Mine

We want to invite you to a new level of dance experience. Literally.

Just imagine that you are moving step by step through a long, dark corridor. Small flashes of light slowly begin to reach you. Finally, the vault of the room inside the Wieliczka Salt Mine, decorated with crystal-like chandeliers made of salt, opens in front of you with sounds of music. This underground ballroom, a place admired by visitors from all over the world, will welcome you not only with spectacular architectural grandeur, but also with a comfortable wooden parquet floor. Take off your jacket, leave your heavy shoes in the changing room – the dance hall is warm enough to sport your best evening suits and gowns.

The duality of the nature of this place, the artistry of space juxtaposed with traces of an actual working mine will make each of your dances a breathtaking experience. Be there with us.

How to get there?

Please see the details in the FAQ section.

Hevre Bar & Restaurant

The hottest afterparty of the 2022 edition. From 2am to 6am two floors of the old Jewish synagogue were filled with dancers moving and breathing in the same rhythm. Hevre is exactly what we love about Kraków – nostalgia for the past mixed with modern style and technology.

This year we’d like to again invite you to party with the city’s bohema. Registration for the festival starts this Sunday. Invite your friends to our Facebook event, so you don’t miss it.

Guild Hall

Some of our beautiful venues will be available only for those who will register in the first round. These are our smallest and most intimate (yet still glamorous) places, so we have to limit the number of participants.

One of them is the Guild’s Hall. Its historical interior shines beautifully in the afternoon light. There’s no place that captures the spirit of the old Kraków better. This exclusive place for only 100 dancers will be our venue for the first and last milonga of the festival.

How to get there?

If you are staying in the city center or in Kazimierz district, it’s within a walking distance. Otherwise, look for one of the tram and bus stops named: Poczta Główna and Teatr Słowackiego.

Officers’ Casino

The palace-like building in the neo-Renaissance style, was the seat of the officers’ casino, the first environmental club in Cracow. In 1910 Neo-Renaissance decorations were replaced with Art Nouveau ones. A great ball and theater hall was created, decorated with stucco, ceiling decorations, and a recess above the stage – this is where we are going to dance.

How to get there?

If you are staying in the city center or in Kazimierz district, it’s within a walking distance. Otherwise, look for one of the tram and bus stops named: Poczta Główna and Teatr Słowackiego.

Palace Under the Rams

The Potocki Palace (also called Palace under the Rams) is filled with splendor and subtle nostalgia – a perfect room for a refined and elegant evening.  In an intimate atmosphere and with the glow of crystal chandeliers, you will be able to immerse in the music.

Let the charm of the Old Town seduce you. to such an extent that you will even want to Spend a few moments with a glass of champagne on the balcony, admiring the Renaissance buildings of the Main Square.

How to get there?

The Palace is on the Main Square, so if you stay in the city centre, it’s best to walk. Otherwise take any tram that stops at Filharmonia or Bagatela.

 “Falcon” Polish Gymnastic Society

The Krakow Sokół headquarters was built in 1889 according to the design of Karol Knaus. Then, in 1894, it was enlarged by Teodor Talowski – one of the most characteristic architects of the period. He also introduced Romanesque and Gothic elements in the façade. Just a couple of years ago, the interior has been meticulously restored, so we can admire the original decorations.

How to get there?

Take a bus or tram to the Cracovia stop.

Fenix Club

An outstanding place established in thirties last century, that hasn’t changed its decoration ever since then! Our grandparents used to dance tango, foxtrot, and waltz there. The club is known for the jazz concerts played also during World War II. It’s most likely the only place in Poland where the tango has been danced for nearly 100 years.

How to get there?

Fenix Club is very close to the Main Square, so take any tram or bus that will get you near. Teatr Bagatela, Kleparz and Teatr Słowackiego stops will be best.


Tango at 2:00 pm and at 2:00 am are completely different worlds, which is why we have taken care to ensure that our after-party locations have a sensual and underground atmosphere. On Friday and Sunday, an amazing venue called LoftToDance will transport you to the world of nighttime tango. This place is designed specifically for dancers and has large spacious changing rooms, a bar, and, of course, a cool dance floor.