In 2023 we would like to invite you again to Kraków, to show you the most beautiful places where you can dance tango.

Festival-worthy experience with the quality of dance to match the best marathons. Milongas from 2:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. from Thursday to Monday, in 9 different locations.

Photo by Magda Woźniak / m.frames

Last chance to get the tickets!

The registration will open for the last time this year from Apr 2 to Apr 9. Please follow this link to fill out the registration form. At this point we do not accept solo follower registrations. Read more about the process here.

Let us take your breath away

Venues matter

The only milonga in the world that happens in a salt mine 125 meters underground, with chandeliers and sculptures made out of salt. A XIV-century palace overlooking the historic Main Square. A former Jewish synagogue with original frescos. Our locations are one of a kind. And all with perfect floor for dancing. Read more about our venues.

An unusual way to experience the city

Get to know the city while dancing. Our venues are diverse because we want you to experience all the flavors Kraków has to offer. From grand ballrooms with huge windows that shine beautifully in the afternoon light, to sexy, bohemian clubs that are perfect for an afterparty.

The unparalleled comfort of dancing

Your comfort is our priority. Role balance, participant limits adjusted to the sizes of the venues, experienced dancers who respect the ronda – we want you to benefit from all of that. We are also pleased to welcome participants from all over the world so that you can make new and exciting acquaintances.