For the festival we invite maestros who are not only breathtaking performers, but also great teachers. It’s a one-of-a-kind opportunity to work with the best of the best.

Photo: Monika Ufnal

Workshop prices

Single class: 130 PLN / 28 EUR

Discounts when buying multiple classes

  • 4 classes – 60 PLN / 12 EUR discount
  • 5 classes – 70 PLN / 14 EUR discount
  • 6–7 classes – 100 PLN / 21 EUR discount
  • 8–11 classes – 150 PLN / 32 EUR discount
  • 12 classes – 250 PLN / 53 EUR discount

Gianpiero Galdi & Lorena Tarantino

  • Connection pillars: the very fundamental elements of communication, from beginner to advanced. (Open Level)
  • A journey into the circular motion: master pivots, boleos and pirouettes, all of them with one technique.(Intermediate/Advanced)
  • Speed and quickness: master the two tools! (Intermediate/Advanced)
  • Improvisation: training and exercises to unleash creative potential. (Intermediate/Advanced)
  • Follower rhythmical adornos. (Intermediate/Advanced)
  • Traditional dynamics in many solutions: how to add plasticity and musicality to standard patterns for more fun and challenge. (Open Level)

Giorgios Nikou &
Katerina Chatzipanteli

  • Cadenas, how to utilise steps with repeated patterns in order to create circular movements around the dance floor. (Open Level)
  • Sacadas for both roles. Focusing on how to manage properly the space inside the couple and avoid painful mistakes. (Intermediate)
  • Crosses, a basic step that can be broken down and utilized in so many different ways to create different movements and dynamics by both leaders and followers. (Intermediate)
  • Communication, dancing with you, your partner, the music, and the entire ronda. Playful ways to start dancing “out of your head”. (Open Level)
  • Voleos, the hows and why in order to create different energy. Staccato is not the only way! (Intermediate/Advanced)
  • Soltadas, breaking the embrace, remaining in contact, playing around small or bigger spaces! (Intermediate)
  • Technique. Understanding your body mechanics will help you dance with less effort, pivot easier, and maintain your balance. (Open Level)

Tymoteusz Ley & Dilara Ogretmen

Classes in couples:

  • TBA

Colo Classes (with Dilara):

  • Discovering Body Awareness, Balance and Body Mechanics
  • No Rubbish, Just Walking. (Open Level)
  • Effortless Pivots and Giros. (Open Level)
  • Training All Kinds of Boleos like a Pro. (Open Level)
  • Adornos at its Best. (Open Level)

Leo Di Cocco &
Agnieszka Stach

Classes in couples:

  • Let’s play with Barridas for leaders and followers! (Intermediate/Advanced)
  • Magic tricks for escenario lifts. For social dancing or stage. (Advanced)
  • How to break the Tango embrace in improvisation. (Open Level)

Solo classes (with Leo):

  • Sacadas; From the basic to the advance. We will explore and learn all the possibilities. (Open Level. Both Roles)
  • Leader’s creativity; strengthen your leading elements to take your creativity to the maximum. (Open Level. Leaders Only)
  • Giros and ‘Codigo de Marcha’. We’ll work on the structure of tango to boost your confidence. (Open Level. Both Roles)