The festival is a huge enterprise. It would be impossible without passion and engagement of many people. Even though here we name only five main organizers, there are many more people supporting the event.

Photo: m.frames

Main organizers

Agnieszka Stach

Agnieszka Stach

Photo by Tymoteusz Ley

Tymoteusz Ley

Tymoteusz Ley

Photo by Agnieszka Stach

Piotr Kozołub

Piotr Kozołub

Photo by Karina Graj

Karina Graj

Karina Graj

Photo by Jolanta Malawska

Zofia Gadomska

Photo by m.frames

The team

Bernadetta Siemianowska

Registration support & reception desk organizer. Customer support.

Photo by Magda Woźniak

Andrzej Borówka

Head of workshop reception. Excel sheet & IT magician.

Photo by Agnieszka Tekiela

Zuza Tkacz

Reception desk support & social media ninja.

Photo by Randy

Piotr Kucharski

Our right hand. Social media support, logistics support, moral support.

Contact us

You can contact us at or using the form below.