Workshops 2024

For the festival we invite maestros who are not only breathtaking performers, but also great teachers. It’s a one-of-a-kind opportunity to work with the best of the best.

Photo: Monika Ufnal


Single workshop: 130 PLN / 30 EUR

Topics & logistics

Workshop reception: Officer’s Casino (Zyblikiewicza 1).
Most of the workshops take place at Officer’s Casino. Some take place at Guild’s Hall, which is just around the corner..

All the workshops are held in English.

12:00–13:30Officers’ CasinoSOLO Rodrigo: TanCombo© (R)SOLO Ornella: lady’s technique (O)SOLO Dilara: Adornos for Social Dancing (D4)
Officers’ CasinoSOLO Dilara: High Heels Special (D1)SOLO Leo: stop thinking about leading (L)M&R: Crazy Milonga (MR5)
Guild’s HallO&L: Barridas (OL1)
13:45 – 15:15Officers’ CasinoTymoteusz & DilaraTymoteusz & DilaraSOLO Majo: Transformers tango technique (M)
Officers’ CasinoO&L: Boleo’s technique (OL2)L&G: Mapping sacadas (LG3)L&G: Lightness, Thickness, Reactivity, Weight (LG5)
Guild’s HallM&R: Turn me if you want. Stop me, If you can! (MR3)
15:30 – 17:00Officers’ CasinoM&R: A fuego lento (MR1)L&G: Connection in walking (LG4)M&R: Mix Salad of complex elements (MR6)
Officers’ CasinoL&G: The Tango DNA, aka the “Giro”-Code (LG1)O&L: Sacadas masterclass (OL3)O&L: Breaking the embrace (OL6)
Guild’s HallSOLO Dilara: Linear Movements and Crosses (D2)SOLO Dilara: Effortless boleos (D3)
17:15 – 18:45Officers’ CasinoMR: Trust in me (MR2)M&R: Abraza, que no se abolla (MR4)L&G: Micro-rhythmic (LG6)
Officers’ CasinoL&G: The “alteraciòn” (LG2)L&O: Voldacas and colgadas (OL4)O&L: From salon to stage (OL6)
Officers’ CasinoEl Cachivache: musicality workshops

Majo Martirena &
Rodrigo Fonti

  1. A fuego lento. Suspension, pausa and attack in the movement (advanced)
  2. Trust in me. Movements out of axe, share axes and little colgadas (intermediate/advanced)
  3. Turn me if you want. Stop me, If you can (beginners/intermediate)
  4. Abraza, que no se abolla. Connection and communication in the couple, experiment possibilities of embrace (intermediate)
  5. Crazy Milonga. Combine milonga lisa with Milonga traspie. (intermediate)
  6. Mix Salad of complex elements: Combinations of Barridas, Cruces, Atrapadas and Adornos for both roles
  7. Rodrigo (solo technique for followers and leaders): TanCombo© – Awareness of the push of the floor. Flexibility in the hug. Musical interpretation
  8. Majo (solo technique for followers and leaders): Transformers tango technique

Lorena Tarantino &
Gianpiero Galdi

  1. The Tango DNA, aka the “Giro”-Code: structure, technique, analysis and ideas (intermediate/advanced)
  2. The “alteraciòn”, a powerful tool to build variety and flow (intermediate/advanced)
  3. Mapping sacadas: options and methodologies for different combinations (intermediate/advanced)
  4. Connection in walking (beginners/intermediate)
  5. Lightness, Thickness, Reactivity, Weight… How to convey sensations by alignment techniques and interpretation (intermediate)
  6. Micro-rhythmic: understand subdivision for syncopation and literal interpretation (intermediate/advanced)

Ornella Simonetto
& Leo Di Cocco

  1. BARRIDAS (beginners and intermediate)
  2. BOLEOS TECHNIQUE (intermediate)
  3. SACADAS MASTERCLASS (Intermediate)
  4. VOLCADAS & COLGADAS (advanced)
  5. BREAKING THE EMBRACE (intermediate and advanced)
  6. FROM SALON TO STAGE (advanced)
  7. Leo SOLO: Stop thinking about leading in order to master your own dance
  8. Ornella SOLO: walking, ochos, and boleos, exploring the different possibilities of the axis

El Cachivache

A real treat: El Cachivache will share their sensitivity and knowledge with the festival participants during musicality workshops.

Tymoteusz Ley &
Surprise Partner

  • 2 workshops with Tymoteusz & his partner
  • Dilara SOLO: High Heels Special. This workshop will be about finding balance and alignment in our bodies while on high heels. Increasing the balance and our stability through exercises which will make our movements easier. As well as understanding the art of following and propose connection during the dance.
  • Dilara SOLO: Linear Movements and Crosses. All about understanding how to move, how to initiate and keep the energy as we are dancing. Lots of walking and understanding the crosses.
  • Dilara SOLO: Effortless Boleos. This workshop is going to be about circular movements and boleos. We will analyse boleos and how to execute them with the right timing without losing the connection with our partners.
  • Dilara SOLO: Adornos for Social Dancing. Dancing the adornos as a part of our movement has always been a challenge. We will tackle that challenge here by understanding when and how to do the adornos.