Maestros 2024

Maestros of Krakus Aires 2024 have a real influence on Argentine tango technique right now. We love watching how their styles change over the years and how they explore all the qualities of tango.

Photo: Monika Ufnal

Majo Martirena &
Rodrigo Fonti

Majo Martirena from Uruguay and Rodrigo Fonti from Argentina are a couple with a fascinating, unique style. Though they collaborate with other dancers, the greatest stars of the tango scene, together they create something beautiful and difficult to label. And this something brings joy and smiles during the workshops and tears of emotion during the show.

What makes them stand out is their immense creativity and ease of improvisation on stage. They play freely with different tango aesthetics. They perform beautifully in both the close milnguero embrace and in flexible off-axis moves. Their knowledge of different styles and techniques is greatly appreciated by their students during their workshops.

Some of our favorite performances:

Majo & Rodrigo will teach workshops the whole weekend and perform during one of the gala milongas.

Lorena Tarantino &
Gianpiero Galdi

Ginapiero and Lorena are a unique Italian duo. Definitely a shining star of the new generation of the European tango. They’ve already reached the top through their hard work, technique development, and constant analyzing their methodology and movement. They are also famous for a very interesting original technique, especially accurate for analytical minds.

They are probably the youngest such a well-known pair of maestros of European origin, and they are going to be there for you during Krakus Aires Tango Festival!

Some of our favorite performances:

Lorena & Gianpiero will teach workshops the whole weekend and perform during one of the gala milongas.

Ornella Simonetto
& Leo Di Cocco

Leo and Ornella are young stars of the Buenos Aires scene. They combine the aesthetics of tango de salon and tango escenario in an intriguing and fresh way. They bring in their own concept of a tango stage aesthetic that the audience loves.

Ornella is a finalist of the Tango World Championship 2021. She is also one of the most popular DJs at milongas in Buenos Aires. Leo started dancing tango in 2003 after a career spanning classical, jazz, and contemporary dance. He performs on stage and is a regular teacher at the Tango Academy London and has taught at tango festivals across Europe.

Some of our favorite performances:

Ornella & Leo will teach workshops the whole weekend and perform during one of the gala milongas.

Dilara Öğretmen & Tymoteusz Ley

It is our tradition that every year Tymoteusz Ley (Poland) surprises us with a different, exciting dance partner for the festival. This year he will perform with Dilara Ogretmen (Turkey) who is a strong personality in the Berlin tango scene. Each of them has a unique style. At the festival, you will be able to see how smoothly they can mix them.

Dilara is a goddess of elasticity and smooth lines. She finishes her movements like no one else. Breathtaking both as a follower and leader. Tymoteusz is the essence of dynamics and… emotions! He is well known for his original teaching methodology. He runs a tango school in Kraków and organizes international workshops for intermediate and advanced dancers Tango Challenge.

Some of our favorite performances:

  1. Argañaraz, Ricardo Tanturi – Tymoteusz & Dilara
  2. Gallo Ciego, Osvaldo Pugliese – Tymoteusz & Agnieszka Stach
  3. Sin Palabras, Chino Laborde – Dilara & Onur Gümrükçü