Orchestras 2024

This year the festival participants will have an opportunity to dance to live music during both gala milongas in the Salt Mine. And each time it’s going to be a different orchestra!

This year we’ve invited not one, but two world-class orchestras. Each of them has a unique character, both are perfectly suitable for dancing. They are experienced in more than just playing concerts. They’re experts in working together with dancers to create the atmosphere of the milonga.


Classically trained musicians from Cuarteto Re!Tango have been studying and playing tango for years, savoring all its flavours. They’ve played in Poland and abroad, at tango festivals and milongas.

Their repertoire consists of dancers’ favorites, but played maturely, close to the originals, with attention to every single note.

El Cachivache

We’re simply a match made in heaven! As you well know, we just love original artists who have their own very distinct character. So joy with a touch of craic is the emotion we’d like to experience at the milonga in Wieliczka. 

El Cachivache will also be conducting their legendary musicality workshops. Don’t miss them while choosing your lessons in our online shop.