Practical information

Where to book a hotel, how to get to the Salt Mine, what taxi companies are available, and other information you need to plan your trip to Kraków.

Photo: Monika Ufnal

Where are my tickets?

Each participant who has completed their order via our shop will be able to collect printed tickets upon arrival. We will ask you to show the document from the shop and your ID to the reception desk staff at any of the festival milongas. In return, they will give you an envelope with printed tickets to each milongas. For each milonga, there is a separate ticket.

Where to find accommodation?

Most of our milongas are happening in the historical center of Kraków. In the schedule, we provide the exact addresses. You can look for hotels and Airbnbs in the Old Town and Kazimierz districts.

Friday and Saturday night milongas take place in the adjacent town of Wieliczka. If you plan to go only to those, consider getting accommodation outside Kraków.

We do not collaborate with any hotels and we don’t offer any discounts.

Since Kraków is a historic city, getting an Airbnb might be a good way to get to know the city better. Many of the apartments are located in old tenement houses and other places with history.

How to get to Wieliczka Salt Mine?

If you decide to stay in Kraków, you can take a train to Wieliczka for the milonga. You can check the timetable here. It takes about 20 minutes and the ticket costs about 7 PLN.

The Wieliczka town is so close that you can even take an Uber or Bolt. It takes about 25 minutes and costs around 50 PLN. Very often participants decide to order one taxi per multiple people and travel together. This is also the best way to get back to Kraków during the night.

On-site, there will be elevators taking the participants down and up. You will get an email with the exact hours when the escalator is operating. The last chance to go underground is around 23:30, just before the show.

What are the conditions in the Salt Mine?

The ballroom is heated and the temperature is similar to indoor temperatures in many other places. However, you might need an extra jacket or a sweater when walking from the elevator to the ball-room.

Underground, there is a well-stocked bar and a large restaurant.