We are happy to cooperate with others, who make our festival even more fun and exciting.

If you are interested, please go to the Contact form and let us know!

Tango Bazaar & Tango Store

During the Friday and Saturday milongas at the Officers’ Casino, you’ll be able to buy some beautiful stuff from Tango Bazaar & Tango Store. Entrance to the store is free for everyone – regardless of whether you have purchased tickets for these milongas or not!

Tango Partner App

As a member of Tango Partner you are always among friends, wherever you go. It is a safer, easier, and by far more social way to experience unforgettable Tango moments.

So many amazing people, just like you, are already inside. Download the App and connect with nearby Tango friends and teachers. Tap into the local Tango scene in every city you visit.

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