Show at the Słowacki Theatre, dancers on stage

Let us take your breath away-2022

May 5–9, 2022 · Kraków, Poland

Festival-worthy experience with the quality of the dance to match the best marathons. Milongas from 2:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. from Thursday to Monday, in 10 different locations.

Photo by Agnieszka Tekiela

Tickets available

The list of milongas where you can buy a ticket at the door:

– Friday afternoon

– Friday evening

– Sunday afternoon

– Sunday evening

Why is Krakus Aires special?

  • One festival, many moods. Our milongas take place in 10 different locations, suited to the time of the day.
  • The places we pick are unique – salt mine chamber 125 m underground, historic palace overlooking the Main Square, or bohemian two-story bar in the old Jewish quarter.
  • Limited number of participants and role balance. We favour interesting people and experienced dancers. This way both conversations and the ronda flow smoothly.

Our maestros

Eşref Tekinalp & Vanessa Gauch

Experienced teachers based in Turkey. On the dance floor – an explosive mixture of creativity and fantastic technique.

Gianpiero Galdi & Lorena Tarantino

Probably the youngest so well-known pair of maestros of European origin, well known for their original technique and smooth movement.

Tymoteusz Ley & Letitia Simone Wilkinson

A tango nuevo master and a tanguera with a contemporary dance background. Last-minute change, but we’re excited to see this fresh mix!

Panagiotis Triantafyllou & Agnieszka Stach

An unexpected duo! They will be performing together for the first time at Krakus Aires 2022, a real treat for us!

Bandonegro Live Music

This year again we will have the pleasure to dance to the world-class live music by the one and only Bandonegro orchestra.

They will play for us during Saturday’s Gala milonga at the Wieliczka Salt Mine.

Want to know more?

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Photo by Magda Woźniak / m.frames