Gala Milonga at Słowacki Theatre

2022 – Registration

We carefully check how many people can comfortably dance at each of our venues, and then set different limits for each milonga. What is more, the registration gives us the chance to choose more experienced dancers who are familiar with the ronda and will feel at ease on the dance floor even at the climax of the party.

Photo by Thibault Cresp Photographie

Tickets available

For those who didn’t manage to get register in the first and second round, we released an additional pool of tickets. No registration required. Number of tickets strictly limited.

Currently, the Covid 19 related restrictions in Poland are lifted. Following the government’s suggestions, we are not imposing any additional restrictions on the festival’s participants. However, if the official guidelines change, we will adjust and we will keep you informed. If you are coming from abroad, please keep yourself informed about the most current regulations for traveling to Poland.

Why did we decide to go for a registration in rounds?

  • We believe that a festival can have the quality of a marathon – guarantee comfortable space for dancing, role balance, high level of dancers and variety of nationalities on the dancefloor.
  • The dates of email confirmation of the participation in the festival known in advance will facilitate the planning of travels, the purchase of airplane tickets and the booking of accommodation.
  • Experienced dancers who will not be able to register to attend the festival in the first round, will have another chance during second round.
  • The rounds enable us to determine the period during which the participants can change their decision as to the purchased workshops and milongas, which was impossible in the last two years.

What kind of dancers are welcome to Krakus Aires?

  • Experienced dancers who feel easy on a crowded dancefloor and take care of the ronda.
  • Nice people who like to make new acquaintances because they know that the power of tango consists not only in the dancing, but also in the great fun in the bar and foyer.
  • Representatives of various nationalities, which is why you will meet not only your friends, but also new people.
  • The same number of leaders and followers—we keep the gender balance.

Since the festival is very popular and the number of dancers keen to participate is several times higher than the number of available tickets, we wish to select the most interesting dancers from around the world. The process of registration is the least pleasant part of the festival for us as well as for you because it is very difficult to say ”No” to people whom we often know personally and like in private. Hence, we ask you for understanding and trust that we are only guided by the high quality of the festival and the comfort of people on the dancefloor.

Cancellations and refunds

(Excerpt from the regulations)

  • If no payment is made within the above specified period of time, the ticket reservations and/or tickets for the workshop will be canceled.
  • When resigning from the festival, you may give all your milongas and workshops to another person of the same gender/role using the Change and Resignation Form to inform the Organizer, but only until the end of a given registration round. After the round is closed, the transfer of tickets to another person should be reported via email sent to The Organisers do not deal with the distribution of the package to different people.
  • The organizer reserves the right to postpone or cancel the event. In case of postponement of the event, the participant’s pass is postponed to a new date. In case of cancellation of the event, the organizer returns the cost of the participant’s pass. The organizer is not responsible for the return of any funds associated with the trip to the event (tickets, accommodation, etc.).

PFD with full regulations.