Santiago Buonomo

Uruguayan DJ
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28 years old dj, raised in Montevideo, Uruguay, where his both grandmas tought him all about tango codes and initiated his love for tango music.

   Plays powerful tandas in a wide variety of tango rhythms, always in a traditional way tango-tango-vals-tango-tango-milonga. The aim is to fulfill the dance floor with energy and joy. In addition, playing super energetic cortinas inviting you to dance every single minute. Be prepared to enjoy music played especially selected for dancers by a milonguero.
  Tango dj since 2016 playing in Milongas in Uruguay like “La Callejera”, “La Clandestina” and “Lo de Margot”. Later since 2017, travelling around Europe had played in almost all the Milongas in Barcelona: “El Desbande, “La Glorieta”, “El Arrabal”, “La Yapa” and “Milonga del Angel”, then as well in Spain played in Sevilla and took part in Sitges Festival, djing El Asado – Party in 2018. He continued djing in France: Marseille, Nice and Montpellier; in Italy – Salerno, Naples and Genova; Poland – Cracow, Warsaw, Poznan and Wroclaw; Greece – Athens; Hungary – Budapest;  Bulgaria – Plovdiv.
So jump into the dance floor y gozate!!!