graphic designer


Ukrainian DJ I like to feel the influence of music on the mood of dancing couples; It’s so great when people leave milonga with a smile after. The professional sound engineer experience helps me concentrate on the creative side of dj’ing and the mood of...

Jan Mastrovic

Croatian photographer and sailor. Close to nature and sport.

Ernest Winkowski

Polish photographer from Warsaw. Gepostet von Ernest Winkowski am Donnerstag, 12. Juli 2018

Marta Kossakowska

Polish graphic designer and photographer. Born in Warsaw in difficult 80’s, living in Amsterdam, studied sculpture with love for touching things, now working mostly with new media… or something.

Mila Vigdorova

Russian DJ, international tango maestra

Karina Graj

Polish art director and illustrator with a background in book design. Works in publishing and advertising. As an artist, she tries to focus on details and moments that bring joy and smile. As a designer, she aims for beautiful things that work well. In life,...

Adam Noras

Polish DJ Ex miner, Kung-Fu Dju Su judge and trainer, after retiring as a miner full-time dancer and tango DJ.

Santiago Buonomo

Uruguayan DJ DJ Home 28 years old dj, raised in Montevideo, Uruguay, where his both grandmas tought him all about tango codes and initiated his love for tango music.    Plays powerful tandas in a wide variety of tango rhythms, always in a traditional way...

Piotr Koz

Polish DJ, It has been almost 10 years since Tango found me and for the last 8 years I have been playing tango as a DJ. My music selection is always based on the character of milonga, the people who come and my personal fascinations. I...

Grzegorz Nowakowski

Polish filmmaker. In charge of capturing all the festival’s shows. Gepostet von Gregor No am Mittwoch, 10. Mai 2017  

Anna Balanyk

Ukrainian photographer.   Gepostet von Anna Balanyk am Mittwoch, 11. Dezember 2019

Vladimir Tarasov

Russian DJ, photographer and tango teacher Człowiek, który słucha, dotyka, obserwuje, przekazuje, porusza, opisuje tango- Dj, fotograf, instryktor tanga,organizator, ale przede wszystkim niezmiennie tanguero z pasją. Swoją przygodę z tangiem rozpoczął w 2011 roku w moskiewskim środowisku. Od samego początku, chodząc na milongi, obserwował parkiet...

Fatih Kacmaz

Turkish DJ, I took my first tango class in 2010. The first thing that made me to fall in love with tango was its rich music. I have been to many international tango events all over the world including Buenos Aires. My goal as a...

Lorena Tarantino

Italian DJ I met tango in the wonderful scenario of Neapolitan Tango Community during my adolescence. I’ve been always passionate about many music genres, among other things classical ballet, opera, musicals and old neapolitan music. The discovery of tango was the perfect mixture of sounds,...

Michał Gabryś

Polish DJ from Cracow