Malachai Payne

Originally from Tempe, AZ Malachai Payne began tango at the early age of 14 as a competitive escenario dancer. While he no longer does stage performance, his early exposure to tango gave him tremendous passion for tango music and a keen focus for learning. After working through the Arizona State University Tango Club he moved to Berlin, Germany where he now teaches and resides.

“When I play music I am dancing with everyone. Every new tanda, I mirada the dancers. I lead them through the evening, offering passionate tandas of drama and soft tandas of melodies. I love to play with my followers, improvising every song, trying to find the music that will leave them breathless. Every tanda has a path for us to take. And from tanda to tanda our journey unfolds. Through frigid pianos and warm violins we reach our destination…”