Gabriele Sabato

He started dancing tango in Rome in 2008. Before Tango his major passion was singing, which he did for several years.

His love for music and tango resulted him to debut as a Tango-DJ in 2013. Since then he has been a regular Tango DJ in many festivals and marathons as well as local milongas around Europe.

My philosophy as a Tango DJ:

Milonga is a delicate mixture of dramatic, romantic, energetic and funny feelings. During my set I select the orchestra to create a flow of emotions during the night. Rhythm, lyrics, tempo, cortinas: everything matters in order to let people enjoy their time, and go home with a smile on their face. I play for the dancers and the main goal for me is to let people dance every tanda and feel comfortable. Receiving a smile while people are dancing, or a hug after a tanda they enjoyed is the greatest gift I can have when I play.  Playing is for me a possibility to present the artistic peak of tango, and let everyone, myself first, enjoy the music they know and have learned to love over their dancing years.