address: Miodowa 51a street

DJ: Lorena Tarantino

show: Humberto "El Puchu" i Maria Ines Ocampos


adres: aleja Zygmunta Krasińskiego 1
DJ: Marta Wójcicka

co to za miejsce: Restauracja Vidok, based on the roof famous for its amazing view – Wawel Castle, Vistula River, and all Cracow panorama. Especially for us, the restaurant will create a special tango menu, available at reasonable prices.

adres: ul. Westerplatte 18 , I piętro

DJ: Maria Kownacka

show: Martin Sergio Almiron i Agnieszka Stach


address: Mikołaja Zyblikiewicza 1, I floor

DJ: Thibault Cresp

address: Daniłowicza 10, Wieliczka

DJ: Justyna Jędrzejewska

show: Tymoteusz Ley and Majo Martirena

Wieliczka is a town just next to Kraków. It is possible to go there and come back by a cheap public transport - a train from the Main Station.

Check the schedule here:

The underground lift will work constantly from  20:30 to 21:30 and after that every half an hour. It will be possible to go outside during the whole milonga. Anyway downstairs there will be a smoking room, toilets and a bar waiting for you.

check the location: 200 square meters dance floor… 135 underground! Wieliczka Salt Mine milonga will take place in Jan Haluszka Chamber. There’s a bar in there as well.

XIII century Wieliczka Salt Mine, a world-class monument, is featuring among twelve objects on the UNESCO’s World Cultural and Natural Heritage List (since 1976). It’s also one of the seven wonders of Poland by “Rzeczpospolita” magazine.


address: Szwedzka 20, III floor
DJ: Santiago Buonomo


address: Rynek Główny 34

DJ: Piotr Kozołub

address: al. Jana Pawła II 39

DJ: Fernando de Lutiis

live music: Bandonegro

show: Gaston Torelli and Mariana Dragone

address: Straszewskiego 28

DJ: Sylwia Jabłońska


address: Mikołaja Zyblikiewicza 1, I piętro

DJ: Maria Gesse

address: plac Świętego Ducha 1

show: Gianpiero Galdi and Lorena Tarantino

DJ: Andres Vilks


address: św. Jana

DJ: Piotr Roemer


address: Plac Świętego Ducha 1

Bandonegro Orquestra with meastros' show in Juliusz Słowacki Theatre.

address: Św. Jana 2

DJ: Vladimir Tarasov

Feniks Club – an outstanding place established in thirties last century, that hasn’t changed its decoration ever since then! Our grandparents used to dance tango, foxtrot and waltz there. The club is known for the jazz concerts played also during World War II. It’s most likely the only place in Poland were the tango has been danced for nearly 100 years. It’s a perfect place for the Festival afterparty.


12:00-13:30 Majo Martirena - Technique - Introduction and studies of fundamental principles of the technique. Exploring the movement and it's mainsprings. Embrace and contact – where do they spring from. - open level Gaston and Mariana - Complex sequences. The favourites of Gaston y Mariana - advanced Majo Martirena - Improvisation - Top secrets how to never be bored again. Tools for practising and developing your dance, regardless of your level. Where to get the inspiration and inducement for moving. - open level
Martin and Agnieszka - tango escenario/stage tango - Developing both traditional and modern figures of the stage tango; with lifts, high sacadas, twists and final effects. Perfecting technique, axis and balance. - advanced Martin and Agnieszka - Ornaments in calesita. Ganchos and figure closures. - Working on the woman's axis, how to embellish the calesita, closing the figure in different ways. Working with ganchos with sacadas - intermediate Martin Almiron - Musicality, contratiempo (double time) and tiempos sostenidos (sustained time) - How to connect in the embrace to perform rhythmical changes and changes of the dynamics. - open level
13:45-15:15 Majo and Tymoteusz - Axis and off-axis. - When do we use off-axis movements in the social dance. How and when to use them, without turning your dance into a battle. - advanced Gaston and Mariana - Musicality – interpretation of different orchestras using changes of dynamics and elasticity - advanced Majo and Tymoteusz - Texture and density. - How to give a meaning to movements that you already know. The technique of articulating the movements in different and interesting ways. - intermediate
Martin Almiron - Solo man's technique - Changes of dynamics and impulses in sacadas, with ochos in man's backward movements. - intermediate Gianpiero and Lorena - Sacadas: analysis and ideas. Get creative with one concept for many options - open level Gianpiero and Lorena - Dance Milonga: Simple ways to speed. How few movements and and a good ear open many possibilities and an effective interpretation- open level
15:30-17:00 Gianpiero and Lorena - Timing and body awareness in sacadas, barridas, ganchos: how to make simple and comfortable complex dynamics - intermediate Majo Martirena - lady's technique - intermediate Gianpiero and Lorena - Planeo, lapiz and enrosoque, games and patterns for leaders and followers: technical characteristics and simple ways to do them - intermediate
Gaston and Mariana - Parallel and Cross systems/ Improvisation opportunities they create – open level Gianpiero and Lorena - Boosting creativity: techniques and ideas to invent and improvise. Part2 - advanced Gaston and Mariana - Connection and technique in couple (making your dance complete and smooth) – open level
17:15-18:45 Gianpiero and Lorena - Boosting creativity: techniques and ideas to invent and improvise. Part1 - advanced Majo and Tymoteusz - Links - Expanding our creativity. Studying different elements of tango and finding links between them, that will help us create our own, fluent movement structures. - advanced Gaston and Mariana - Front and back boleos and different ways of finishing them. - intermediate
Gaston and Mariana - Understanding the dance through the structure of giro/ a door to the liberty in the dance. - intermediate Martin Almiron - solo technique - Working with embrace and connection in open and closed embrace. Balance, posture and axis technique. How to perform movements without loosing the contact - open level Martin and Agnieszka -Chain of sacadas with enrosques in movements.- Dissociation in the embrace and the connection with the ornament, changes of dynamics in the execution of the ornaments- advanced